BUS SERVICES 737 & 747: Routes change this Sunday

AIRPORT BUS SERVICES 737 & 747: Routes change this Sunday to miss out Queensway and Westfield Areas.
The new routes are on the map. Please make anyone you know who uses the 737 or 747 aware.

Metro has made the changes because the Airport wanted the 747 bus service to go on a more direct route to Bradford to save time – because they say more people will then use it.

Bradford Council want the 747 to call at Apperley Bridge Station so that airport users can catch it there. Aireborough Civic Society objected strongly to the changes. No-one was even consulted locally before these changes were decided. Metro say that bus users living on the Westfield & Queensway will have to walk an extra 10 minutes as part of their ‘compromise’. Not good if you have shopping, luggage or are elderly.

We don’t think there will be any time saving. We don’t think an hourly bus service to Apperley Bridge Station will connect to trains, so the journey time will be longer and more expensive. Therefore, we are sure these changes will lose passengers and encourage more car and taxi use – leading to more congestion for all. We also asked for a delay in the changes as very few passengers are using the Airport now – with no success. Further details in our Press Release.

We have reminded Metro that they need to put information about the changes at local bus stops – none are there yet.