About us

The Aireborough Civic Society was established for the public benefit for the following purposes in the area formally known as Aireborough, which included the wards of Guiseley, Rawdon and Yeadon in the Metropolitan District of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Aireborough was created in 1937 and then became a part of the Leeds Metropolitan District Council in 1974.

Why do we have a civic society?

We try and influence what happens in and around the town and work together with the Town Council and other organisations on matters of common interest. Bit by bit our local area is loosing its heritage due to pressure to expand and modernise. Most of this coming from private developers trying to make a quick pound without a thought for the infrastructure, history, local jobs or quality of life for the residences of Aireborough. This is why we help to raise awareness of poor quality  large scale house building and curb over development of the area without the proper planning for schools, medical care, transport, congestion and preserving the character of the area.  We achieve this through involving the local community and identifying areas in need of improvement.

The aim of the Civic Society is to

  • Make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive
  • Preserving our Heritage for future generations
  • Representing the local community
  • Promote civic pride

Take part

If you would like to take part as a member of the society or simply want to attend and event  everyone is welcome. Just turn up at our guided walks on the day or at a meeting.